Head's Red BBQ Catering Menu


Head’s BBQ Wings – Wings rubbed in a mild or spicy seasoning and grilled over a cherry wood fire then tossed in our award winning sweet & tangy BBQ sauce .

Chi-Town Rib Tip’s – Rib tips cut from the spare rib, hand rubbed, and slow cooked over a cherry wood fire until tender then doused in our award winning sweet & tangy bbq sauce. A Chicago South Side favorite

Head’s Pulled Lamb Sliders – Tender domestic lamb shoulderor ground lamb seasoned with Head's Greek Mojo Dust and cooked over an oak fire. Served on a mini bun our home made Tzatziki ,Greek Mojo Sauce, or roasted red pepper/feta sauce.

Head’s Award Winning BBQ

Beef Brisket – Choice beef brisket hand rubbed with Texas style seasonings and slow smoked over an oak fire.

Ribs - Your choice of St Louis cut spare or baby back ribs rubbed with Head's Pork Mojo Dust and slowed cooked over an applewood fire then glazed with our award winning sweet & tangy BBQ sauce.

Pulled Pork – tender pork shoulder rubbed with a Head's Pork Mojo Dust then slow cooked over a cherry wood then shredded by hand.

Pulled Pork Belly - half belly seasoned with Head's Pork Mojo Dust then slow cooked over a cherry wood fire then shredded by hand.

Chicken – half chickens rubbed with a sweet and spicy seasoning , cooked over a cherry wood fire, and then cut into quarters.

Whole Hog – slow cooked over hickory and cherry wood. Perfect for large parties

*Above items include Head’s Red Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce. Buns included with pulled pork, brisket, and whole hog.

Get Your Greek On

Souvlaki– Grilled skewers of pork or chicken seasoned with Head's Greek Mojo Dust then doused with Greek Mojo Sauce (a mix of oilvie oil, lemon, and Head's Greek Mojo Dust) Served with pita and Head's Ziki Ziki sauce

Denver Lamb Ribs - Domestic lamb rib racks hand rubbed with our Greek Mojo Dust seasoning then slow cooked over an applewood fire.

Greek Chicken – Half chickens seasoned with our Greek Mojo Dust then grilled over a pecan wood fire and basted with Greek Mojo sauce .

Loukaniko - our own home made traditional Greek pork sausage made of pork and infused with a hint of orange. (subject to availability)

Whole/Half Lamb –Tender domestic lamb whole or half lamb cooked over an oak fire.


Bubba’s Jalapeno Corn Bread – moist and slight sweet, this cornbread goes great with any of the Award Winning BBQ items.Your choice with or without jalapeno peppers.

Head’s 3 Cheese Mac & Cheese – Elbow macaroni baked in a mix of creamy smoked gouda,monterrey jack, and cheddar cheese.

Head’s Greek Mac & Cheese – elbow macaroni in a mix of creamy kefalotyri & smoked gouda cheese. Also avaiable with spinach or mushrooms.

BBQ Beans - Baked beans slow simmered with bacon and hit with a touch of smoke and our award winning sweet & tangy BBQ sauce.

Smoked Green Beans - French cut green beans slow smoked in mushroom sauce with bacon and sweet onions. Smoked and topped with french fried onions.

Head's Spicy Creamed Corn - corn slow cooked in a cream cheese based cream sauce. Mild or Spicy, your choice.

Head’s Greek Spuds Yukon Gold potatoes roasted with chicken broth, Greek olive oil, and lemon and then hit with our Greek Mojo Dust.






Q: What are your catering hours?
A: We are available by email 24 hrs a day (billm@headsredbbq.com) or by phone from 7 AM-11PM
Q: What size events do you cater?
A: We cater small dinner parties (no minimum) as well as larger events up to 200 maximum. For larger events we request at least a 3 week lead time.
Q: Where do you cater to?
A: We are located in the west suburbs and travel just about anywhere within a 50 mile radius. Travel over 15 miles is subject to a $30 delivery fee We are open to events at farther distances depending on the event .
Q: What type catering do your provide?
A: We specialize in slow smoked American BBQ with some Greek style BBQ offerings as well. We provide drop off delivery service at no additional cost or on-site cooking for a small fee.
Q: What do I need to know when I call to book an event?
A: Things we will need up front would be the date and time of the event along with amount of people. We would also need to know payment method (cash or charge). We do not require a deposit to book the event . We understand circumstances change...whether its the amount of people , food selection, or cancellations. We will call two weeks before to confirm if anything has changed . At that point we would then require 25 % deposit to hold the date .
Q: How can I get a menu?
A: Our menu is posted on our website and Facebook page. We can also email a copy to you or mail out a hard copy. Just email or call us to request one.
Q: There is no pricing on your menu. Why?
A: Due to fluctuations in meat costs we decided not to post any specific prices. We prefer to base our pricing on our actual costs at the time of booking the event. In many cases this works out to the customers advantage as far as total cost.






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