BBQ Classes Spring/Summer 2017  

 I will be holding BBQ classes for the home/backyard  BBQ'er.  These classes will be 100 percent hands on with a maximum of 6 participants. I have many style grills/smokers so we can gear the classes to just about any style cooker you currently use. Each class will cover meat selection and prep along with proper fire building for a particular style cooker and meat.

Participants will cook four meats from start to finish based on class theme along with a side dish or two to prepare while the meat is cooking. These classes will be held outdoors in the backyard because thats where we all BBQ isnt it?

Afterwards w will eat what we cook as well. Participants are also welcome to BYOB (within reason of course) but water will be provided . The philosophy behind these classes is to relax and learn in a comfortable and informal environment while talking BBQ with others that share the same BBQ passion as you.

Here are the 3 classes that will be offered so far..more to come as the season progresses:

"A Swift Kick In The Ribs"
Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Price per participant: $100.00

Stop parbroiling your ribs or soaking them in soda pop for 24 hrs and learn the art of cooking ribs the proper way..low and slow. With this class I hope to dispel the many other "myths" of of what a properly cooked good rib is. 
Participants will learn to prep and cook the following rib types:
Beef Short Ribs
Pork Spare Ribs & Chicago Style Rib Tips
Pork Babybacks

And while the meat is cooking you  will prepare and cook the following sides/appetizers:
Bubbas Jalapeno Cornbread
ABT or Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers
Other subjects will include where to get the best quality and/or locally raised meat products.

"OPAA!..The Cheese is on fire!"
Time: TBA
Price per participant $100.00

Tired of the same old typical BBQ ? Learn the art of Greek Style Rotisserie BBQ using the "foukou" (Cypriot Grill). The Greeks  have been spit roasting meat for centuries and you will learn how to duplicate this ancient style of BBQ in your own yard.
Participants will learn to prep and cook the following meats:
Kondosouvla (spit roasted pork butt or lamb)
Chicken or Pork Souvlaki (shishkabob)
Loukaniko (Greek style sausage) or Denver Lamb Ribs
Grilled Grecian Chicken or Sheftalia
While the meat is cooking we will sit and enjoy a little meze (appetizer) and some Greek wine and answer any questions you may have and go over different Greek seasonings and marinades.

Redeye BBQ
1st day:TBA
2nd day: TBA
Price per participant: $100.00

This class is geared toward those wishing to learn how to cook the larger cuts of meat low and slow. This is a two day class since these larger cuts of meat cook in excess of 12 hrs or more and will cook overnight. 
Participants will learn to prep and cook the following meats:
Beef Brisket
Pork Butt
Chuck Roast
We will also cover the diferent types of injections and the injecting process for these larger cuts.
Once the meat is prepped and on the cookers participants are free to leave. They will then return the following day to remove and prep the finished product for serving. 

We Are Going To Need a Bigger Boat
Price per participant: $100.00

This class is geared toward those wishing to learn how to how to cook various seafoods on the grill or smoker. 
Participants will learn to prep and cook the following seafood:
We will also prepare sides that pair well with seafood.


Custom Classes
Price per participant: varies based on menu

We can custom create any class geared toward specific foods you would like to learn to grill or BBQ. Get a group of friends together, put a menu together and call us. We can then help you setup a great day with friends learning to grill together.


***Any class cancellation must be made 5 days prior to class date for full refund***

To sign up for any of these classes you can call me at 630-440-4895 or email me at


PO Box 72276 Roselle, IL 60172 • (630) 440-4895